Tentative Agenda  download


Session  1 Welcoming & Keynote Speech

-   Welcome Speech

-   Keynote Speech


Session  2 BWM Convention Implementation & Type Approval

-   IMO Regulation and Current Status

-   USCG Type Approval

-   Testing and Matters Needing Attention

-   Concerns of Shipowners to Meet the Requirements

-   Concerns of Manufacturers to Meet the Requirements

-   More to come


Session  3 PSC Regulations, Measures & Compliance Testing

-   The Current Status of BWM Regulations and Policies in Rotterdam

-   The Current Status of BWM Regulations and Policies in California

-   The Current Status of BWM Regulations and Policies in Shanghai

-   Same Risk Area Approach to Evaluate the Feasibility of Exemption for BWM

-   Compliance Monitoring and Testing of Ballast Discharges

-   More to come


Session  4 Update of Ballast Water Treatment Technologies

-   BWMS Reliability and Safety

-   BWMS Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS)

-   Other Possible BWT Solutions, such as BWT Barge, Onshore BWT Facility

-   More to come


Session  5 Installation and Operation

-   Tips to Select a BWMS

-   Consideration for Verification Testing and Commercial Operation of BWMS

-   Installation and Retrofitting

-   BWMS Maintenance

-   More to come


Session  6 Standardization Panel

-   ISO Standardization on BWM

-   Discussion on Standard Needs with above Session Chairs


Session  7 Summary and Closing Statements

-   Summary

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